Our partners

ООО «All about luxe. Julia Bevzenko consulting agency»
- It’s a private Russian consulting agency, was found by Julia Bevzenko. For today it is the unique company in Russia which is specialized on industry of lux and premium - class segments and services. The main concepts of work include:
- The special projects in marketing industry of luxury goods include high quality research of the market and internal communications.
- The search of top-managers, middle management and unique professionals for a company in lux segment
- Private and corporate consultations in industry of image, style and dress-code
- Trainings of image, style, etiquette, cross-cultural communications, executive search and recruitment
- Public speech and organization of conferences of lux and image
- Consulting in development of career for top-managers in lux industry


International company of human resources is studying the development of talents. It was formed in 1986 year. The company offers studying programs in 7 directions: general management, management of business processes, human resource management, negotiations, sales, communication, professional effectiveness and personal development. There are more than 250 business consultants in company and more than 500 business sessions a year hold in the heart of Paris.


Harry Hutson

  • Business - consultant, is specialized of subject of making career, management of changes, communication and solving conflicts.

Harry Hutson was a leader of management of human resources of corporation “Avery Dennison” and “Global Knowledge Network” more than 20 years. He is a Vice - President of Childhood Center of New England. He is an author of large quantity of publications, devoted to business and professional career. He is a co-author of a book «Leadership in non-profit organizations».


Barbara Perry

  • She is a specialist in cultural anthropology, business consultations and education science.

She has been a business consultant of companies of rating Fortune 500, making emphasis in such aspects of business as customer orientation and innovation. She was the first who practiced the methods of ethnographic investigations to teamwork both in internal work of companies (management of changes) and in external activity (making products, oriented to a customer; strategy of marketing). Barbara Perry – the author of many articles and publications.