About us

Group's mission is to create a new worldview of business and human behavior in business. We appeal to the true wisdom - "You reap what you sow." You choose what you want to get back. World adequately responds to the message you send. You do not need to compete with other people for the possession of valuables, there is enough valuables for all.
Proven Group develops by developing others, by acting for the benefit of everyone. This is true not only of our experts, but all with whom we work, meet and make friends. We are wealthy and successful because it is profitable to sow the good seed in the world through your thoughts and good deeds.

Our goal is to create positive change around us!

We only do what we want to do and know how to do. Change for the better is possible only by combining the positive efforts of all parties. Cooperation in any field should be beneficial and convenient to all partners equally. Positive intentions and actions feed back multiply increased.
Our mission and goal have their direct continuation in our activity - our new concept of business organization, called Energy Management.