Our history


We rebranded the company.
A new and unique Proven Program System (PPS) was launched.


Company got a new name - Proven Group, which was a reflection of our values: "We're doing what we have proved, in other words, we act as mentors." At the same time, the concept of Energy Management was born. Proven Group is one of the pilot projects, products, and results of the implementation of the concept.

2003 - 2010

Proven Group appeared due to the restructuring of a training company, ClubConsult. After 5 years in the training segment, we concluded that the conventional form of business training was outdated and ineffective. It became apparent that "learning" should dominate "training": only an integrated program of activities focused on achieving the main goal, i.e. to change the behavior of the personnel in achieving their results, can guarantee the transformation of the company into a self-learning organization. In that context, in 2008 it was decided to spin off the consulting business, which was headed by a shareholder of ClubConsult. Due to a wider range of services, we managed to offer our customers a range of activities for the successful achievement of customer's corporate goals. Later, at the founders meeting, the decision was made to incorporate the business as a separate entity.