« Any object contains all the knowledge of itself».

The most effective methodology of any business processes is embedded in your organization!
Knowingly or unknowingly, carriers of this methodology are your employees who manage these business processes.
Why the model does not manifest itself?
Because in the minds of many people there is the paradigm that the most effective model is outside: in the experiences of others, in the books of famous business guru, expert consultants. That is why the search for a new methodology of effective business or business process development is focused on the outside. This takes millions of dollars. Sometimes new methodology take root, but more often not.
The conceptual difference between practical philosophers and consultants in working with the organization:

  • Showing one's efficient ways of doing business. These methods and methodology are understood by insiders and translated into a system that develops as a living organism and is constantly improved, bringing the expected results.
  • "To feed the hungry do not give him a fish, give him a fishing rod"
  • In contrast to proprietary methodologies, outside methodology does not develop, and each time you have to buy new technology, for the reason that you get a finished solution, not tools to create your own solutions.

    Accordingly, the results of our work will be:

  • self-learning organization;
  • conscious effective model of business processes and organization;
  • skill of creating unique proprietary technologies.

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