Energy Management

Constantly adapting, speeding up, trying to match the changes in the environment, people quickly become exhausted - you want to drop everything and get away from the fast-growing heap of problems. In response, we convince ourselves not to be weaklings and the struggle begins anew. In time, the imbalance between the cost of personal energy and its replenishment manifests itself, of which people often forget in their daily life. Therefore, most outstanding personalities burn out much faster than others and inscriptions of appreciation on the gravestone from colleagues and friends are, in our opinion, a very small consolation.

Year after year, fighting for a place in the sun, we have matured, become cynical and bitter, become immune to almost everything that has happened to us before, tempered physically and mentally, turned gray prematurely, and learned to quickly heal moral wounds. Problems are solved easily? Not at all - the world is constantly throwing out new problems that have to be solved at the limit of our physical and mental strength. The impression is that the universe is constantly testing our strength and few successfully pass the test. When you fly high it hurts to fall, to any our achievements the universe responds with negative blows of comparable force. How long can human energy last if it is wasted in such a pace? Maybe, we're just trying to row against the tide, breaking the laws of the universe unknown to us and causing a reaction?

By chance, by inspiration or hard practice, some people sometimes find the right way of interaction with the surrounding universe, accepting it, rather than engaging in an endless fight with constant violations of the rules by the warring parties. By bringing their efforts in harmony with the energy flow of the universe, these people become successful in business and happy, enjoying every moment of their life. As a rule, they cannot understand the secret of their own success and share it with others, considering themselves lucky or justly rewarded by the God for their talent, hard work, commitment, and God alone knows what else. It seems that such people radiate energy. They do not need rest despite the fact that these people are the initiators of the most brilliant projects and initiatives, it seems that they do not expend energy, to the contrary, they get it from the outside.

There is another type of people. Those who without choosing methods keep moving toward the goal, deceiving, ignoring all conceivable laws of the world, God and man, antagonizing the very surrounding universe. Discarding the conscience and soul like the snake drops its skin, they find their way out of all kinds of troubles and get what they want. But at what cost? Are these people happy, being fearful and suspicious of everybody around them, surrounded, instead of children and friends, by envious competitors awaiting the slightest sign of weakness to take the payment for the ruined soul? This is how the world responds to the violation of the fundamental principles of interaction in the Human-Environment pair.

The vast majority of people, not being able to bring their own energy in balance with the energy of the universe, spend their life unsuccessfully attacking with a wall of resistance of the universe built by their own hands. Without understanding the essence of their problems, perseverance and courage for rough solutions, these people are forced to make two steps back for each step forward, as the burden of problems grows with every momentary victory. Blaming everyone but themselves for their failures, complaining about the injustice of fate, these people drown their sorrows in alcohol and drugs. Torture their own families, venting anger on those who cannot answer, and like to teach others, growing in their offspring the seeds of the doctrine of the imperfection of the world and of the futility of any attempt to change something. This form of energy imbalance in human potential, as a rule, leads to the development of the complex of the victim of circumstances from the earliest age. Nothing depends on me - the inherited paradigm of thinking crushes like a hammer all emerging dreams, aspirations and intentions on the anvil of experience of loser parents, covered by the sanctity of family traditions.

The shortage of energy today could not be more acute at all levels of human activity. The prospect of resource starvation leads people to research and develop technologies that use wind energy, tidal and solar light. The same thing happens at the level of personal human energy potential. Energy is wasted in response to constant stress, solving problems, whose number grows every day, and dealing with the consequences of endless conflicts with the changing environment. Radical changes in the surrounding society, that earlier took centuries and millennia, in modern conditions occur in decades or even years. Within just one generation, attitudes, tastes, doctrines and philosophies of the world change many times and not everybody can timely respond and act appropriately to these changes. Environment becomes a powerful motivating factor, we do not control the events, it's other way round. Therefore, people barely have time to adequately respond to unexpected external impacts of the environment, not to mention that they have no time to initiate new processes, they simply lack the energy to do so.

For centuries, science and religion in their own ways have tried to help people understand the principles of life and harmonize personal energy with the flows of the environment. However, intentionally or not, but people began to consider the field of knowledge about the various forms of energy as separate disciplines, which eventually led to a confrontation between the materialist and the idealist philosophical doctrines. As a result, science has focused on understanding physical properties and manifestations of energy, and religion focuses only on its spiritual component, without regard for anything else. Not being able to refute the fundamental provisions of the contrary view, the two main trends in philosophy continuously try to prove their case. Thus, having achieved amazing discoveries in the field of individual tiles of the multifaceted universe, humanity has almost lost the ability to perceive a picture of reality as a whole.

Based on two basic philosophical doctrines, new ideas, technologies and tools to enhance human effectiveness are born. And they all work in conditions that existed at the time of their conception. However, conditions are changing and require new approaches to solving problems. In addition, the scientific approach to a problem is often difficult in terms of methodology and consider very narrow, usually purely physical, manifestations of aspects of life in isolation from the rest. Religious, esoteric and occult teachings focus, to the contrary, exclusively on the spiritual component of the energy potential, considering the physical manifestation of energy as secondary. In terms of the Energy Management, fundamental philosophical disciplines are complementary elements of a complete picture of the perception of the world. They contain not contradictions, but the possibility of a balanced synergistic effect that opens infinite possibilities of creating an atmosphere of positive changes in human lives.